Telarray is the maintenance crew for your investment portfolio. We monitor it regularly. We watch it to make sure the asset classes stay proportionate to one another. If an asset class percentage becomes skewed because it has out-performed the other classes, we make the necessary adjustments for you.

We help you answer the all-important question: “How do I get money out of my portfolio when I need it?” Whether you need money for a one-time event, like a new home, or you need a monthly income for retirement, we figure out the best way to adjust your portfolio in order to get you the funds that you need.

Telarray can also help you with other financial questions: What is the best way to finance large expenditures? Should you take money out of your portfolio? When should you liquidate your company stock options or restricted stock? The answers depend upon your unique situation, and we provide the analysis to enable you to make the decision that best fits your circumstances.

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